Sometimes, a great entree just isn’t enough to fill a hungry stomach—or a demanding set of taste buds! Add an extra layer of deliciousness to your meals with an appetizer or dessert—even better, bring along some friends and share so you can try even more without bursting your waistline. When you visit your favorite restaurant in New Jersey, don’t forget about appetizers and desserts—here are our favorite choices!

Bruschetta — This tasty appetizer starts with grilled, oiled bread, often flavored with garlic and salt. These tasty little breads don’t like to be eaten alone, so toppings such as tomatoes, beans, or cheese are added on top, but the most common toppings consist of chopped tomatoes, olive oil, and herbs.

Stuffed artichokes — Enjoy a delicious stuffed food without all the calories! Stuffed artichokes are filled with bread crumbs, spices, cheeses, and sometimes meats, creating a tasty stuffing. This appetizer is perfect, because the light, fresh artichokes won’t weigh you down.

Salads — A great appetizer and the best way to get fresh, leafy greens into your diet, the best salads are dressed to perfection with spices, toppings, and fresh dressings. Add seasonal fresh produce for an interesting and healthy twist.

Biscotti — These traditional Italian cookies are the perfect appetizer, dessert, coffee accompaniment, snack… well, we think biscotti are always perfect! These little almond biscuits are dry, crunchy, and absolutely delicious!

Tiramisu — For a traditional end to your meal, tiramisu seals the deal. Lad fingers soaked in espresso form the base, and a custardy filling layered between the ladyfingers will grace your tongue with soft, smooth deliciousness.

When you visit your favorite family restaurant in New Jersey, make sure to check out the appetizers and desserts for new offerings! At Casa Bellisima, we provide complementary bruschetta, biscotti, and salad for our diners, giving you a head-start on deliciousness!