More and more businesses in today’s world are promoting the fact that they are family-owned and operated. Aside from keeping one family in good standing, what else does this do for the community? Should you spend your time and money there? The evidence points to yes! Read on to find out why great upscale restaurants in Sussex County, such as Casa Bellisima, are even better because they are family-owned!

1. Investment. If your restaurant is not only your livelihood, but the livelihood of a significant portion of your family, you are far more likely to be fully invested in its success! This means that your favorite restaurant in New Jersey might just work a little harder to make the best food, provide the best customer service, and create the most elegant dining atmosphere so you keep coming back!

2. Community growth. One of the interesting things about buying or dining locally is that the entire community benefits. On the other hand, when you dine at chain locations, you don’t know where that money really ends up. Sure, the employees of that specific location may enjoy their wages and tips, but most of your financial support probably goes to some big CEO who lives elsewhere… and doesn’t give back to your community. Speaking of which…

3. Community support. Local and family-owned businesses are far more likely to contribute to community funds, such as sponsoring local school events, donating to local charities, and even paying local taxes! These sorts of things are possible for bigger chains, but not as likely. After all, their neighbors are probably located in a big city somewhere else. Family businesses are living and working in the same community, which means that their interests are more likely to match yours.

When you’re deciding where to dine in New Jersey tonight, you have plenty of options. However, as a family owned and operated business ourselves, the team at Casa Bellisima encourages you to check out our establishment—after all, we treat everyone like they’re family!