Do you love Italian food as much as we do? If so, you may be an expert on classic, authentic, straight-from-Italy food… or, you may be a fan of Americanized dishes instead. While both are completely delicious, there is an important distinction: Italian food comes direct from Italy, while many dishes that Americans see as Italian foods are actually Italian-American cuisines, created from the Italian immigrant population who sought to recreate their favorite dishes from home with the different ingredients available in America!

For instance: Olive oil, not butter. Americans love butter, in large part because we have so much land to raise cows on to produce it. In much of Europe, however, olive oil reigns supreme. Don’t be surprised when your authentic Italian bread dishes are dotted with olive oil, not spread with butter.

Did this difference surprise you? If so, don’t feel alone—Italian Americans have created a whole delicious repertoire of foods that incorporate the best of Italy and the best of America. At Casa Bellisima, we have a blend of all sorts of things, so everyone in your party goes home happy. Enjoy classic Italian fare, classic Italian American fare, and everything in between at our elegant restaurant in NJ!