Your favorite restaurant may have something fishy going on… a great seafood menu! At Casa Bellisima, we have a wide variety of seafood options, including many varieties of fish. But unless you’re a fishmonger or a foodie, you may not know the differences between these tasty swimming creatures. Read on to find out about some lesser-known types of fish from the best upscale restaurant in NJ!

Grouper: Grouper is used to refer to a wide variety of fish in the same family, all related to the sea bass. These fish live naturally in tropical, warm areas across the world, and are farmed and harvested for consumption. This fish is extremely healthy! As an extra lean fish, it makes a perfect solution for anyone who needs to watch their fat consumption. A four-ounce portion has only 110 calories, with just two grams of unsaturated fat. They pack plenty of protein, calcium, and iron, and has a mild flavor that even a devout chicken lover can appreciate.

Monkfish: Monkfish, sometimes known as anglerfish, have gotten a bad rap for many years due to unethical fishing methods. However, because of how tasty these little fishies are, the best fishers have developed new ways to fish and farm these creatures to bring them to your plate without damaging the environment. Monkfish, when cooked properly, is tender and delicious—so much so that some people refer to it as “the common man’s lobster”!

Sole: In the wild, sole fish are slippery and hard to hold—due to its naturally slippery skin, it is almost always served filleted. This fish has a mild flavor and light texture, and packs a great health boost as well. A serving of sole has 104 calories, and boasts over 20 grams of protein. This fish is very low in fat, and has a delicious, soft flavor.

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